An OTT Network for the Connected World

Connect, identify and interact with your customers, via apps, online channels and any other web enabled device.

Create social cohesion within your audience by letting them start conversations and share content.

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Connect & Identify

Connect your website, native apps or any web enabled devices to the Donky OTT network through our APIs or embed quickly with our various SDKs.


Use the Donky network to capture your users' identities via registration, logging in or any unique user ID. Create one view of your user across your entire digital estate.


Interact with your users in real time, post event or programmatically to drive customer lifetime value. Communicate when they are at their most engaged. Notify for new content, relevant offers or operational messages. 

Trigger & Automate

Make life simple, let Donky do the heavy lifting by using your existing systems or Donky’s SaaS tools.

The Donky Network is compatible with existing tag management, crm workflows, ESP solutions, Beacon providers and marketing automation software. All can be used to create Real Time interactions through the Donky Network or use Donky to feed Real Time interactions back into your existing software.


Create a social network for your brand by allowing your recognised customers to communicate with one another through the network and share out to social media and other channels, such as email.



Understanding the return on messaging is vitally important. Donky lets you monitor all activity across your network of users, including tracking engagement, messaging and campaign success. Detailed reports on web and native app activity down to the hour will show you what's working and what's not.

Analytics & Reporting

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